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 ON IT!  Program 


 The On it foundation

*​The minimum lay-a-away requirement is $15.00 per week.* For installment payments, please contact us for instructions.

Payment Options

- Withdrawn directly from your checking or savings via PayPal Secured Merchant Services weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. 

-Money Orders or US Checks* may be mailed to: The On It Foundation, 18650 NW 67th Avenue, Suite 186, Miami, FL 33015. *Payments made by check post to your account after 14 business days.

-To make a purchase via Point of Sale Merchange, please contact our office directly at +1 305.244.6454
to process your payment.

- You may also purchase a computer at the full cost via PayPal Secured Merchant Services.

​Shipping Info

Once you have paid for your computer in full, your refurbished computer or refurbished laptop order will be shipped through the standard delivery method of ground shipping, by which handling time is usually 4-5 days plus transit time on the truck. As with any shipment, the transit time may vary - especially when you've opted to receive your refurbished computer via ground shipping. During the holidays, the shipment time fluctuates even more. We ask that our customers allow at least 5-7 business days handling time on refurbished laptops and refurbished computers. Beyond the standard handling time, you can find out a typical transit time from our warehouse to your location by calling us or checking with our ground shipper tracking number. Shipping and packaging are Fifty-Five Dollars ($50.00) for desktops, monitors, and printers and Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) for laptops, tablets and small electronics. 

You will be required to sign for all delivery we ship to you regardless of residential or commercial address. In most cases if you are not available at time of delivery, you will be required to pick up at the nearest location of the shipper. We ask that you contact us if you anticipate any concerns about the signature on delivery for your refurbished computer (such as arranging the pickup, absence at the shipping address, etc). We are not responsible for items not pick up within the required timeline and not within the shippers business hours.

Once we have completed the processing and shipment of your order is on the way, you will receive a confirmation email. We provide Shipment Tracking numbers for all product orders, including refurbished computers and laptops. We ask that you please allow 5-7 business days before calling to request tracking information. In most cases, you should receive tracking info on your refurbished computers within a week, and receive the computer at your shipping address shortly thereafter. As always, if you have concerns or inquiries about the shipment of your refurbished computer order, you may call us during normal business hours at +1 305.244.6454.

War​​ranty Info

General Warranty: All units are thoroughly tested and must meet stringent quality standards before leaving our warehouse. Systems are guaranteed to be in excellent working condition and are unconditionally warranted for 30 days from purchase. The units are refurbished or used and may have some minor cosmetic blemishes, examples of which are (but not limited to) small scratches on the case.

​Desktop Computer Warranty: All Computers including towers, desktops, and small form factors are covered by our 30 day unconditional warranty. As a service to our customer, if any system is not in working condition we provide return shipment to our service facilities for the defective product, and we will either replace or repair your purchase with no additional charge to you the customer. Guaranteed!

Laptop & Notebook Warranty: All Laptops/Notebooks are covered by our 30 day unconditional warranty. As an added service to our general warranty, we guarantee the battery provided to be able to hold at least a twenty minute life time on a Full Charge. Our Laptops/Notebooks our refurbished systems along with the battery, therefore they are not new and do not have the life span or length of a new battery. 

Monitors and Electronics: Refer to General Warranty